PIT@UMass is an all-campus initiative with content that is both synergistic across the UMass Amherst campus and targeted to specific domains. 

What is PIT@UMASS?

The Public Interest Technology Initiative at UMass Amherst (PIT@UMass) seeks to develop educational, research, practice and outreach offerings across UMass Amherst’s diverse schools and colleges.  PIT@UMass seeks to empower students and the broader community with the critical thinking, expertise, and information needed to promote personal and professional social responsibility and the common good in a tech-driven world.  PIT@UMass is proud to be a member of the national Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN).

Leadership TEAM

For information about the PIT@UMass initiative, email pit@umass.edu

Dr. Francine Berman

Fran Berman

Director of Public Interest Technology and
PIT@UMass co-Founder

Ethan Zuckerman, Research Director and PIT@UMass co-Founder

Ethan Zuckerman

Research Director and
PIT@UMass co-Founder

Charlie Schweik

Associate Director of Public Interest Technology

Photo of Donna Baron

Donna Baron

Executive Director of Public Interest Technology

Photo of Colette Basiliere

Colette Basiliere

Research Fellow and Executive Director
Public Interest Technology - New England Network (PIT-NE)

PIT@UMass and you

You can find more information about Public Interest Technology-related courses, credentials, events and offerings in your school or college by contacting:

College of Education:  Torrey Trust, Robert Maloy, Ruth-Ellen Verock

College of Engineering:  Paula Sturdevant Rees, Chengbo Ai

College of Humanities and Fine Arts:  Sarah Patterson, Aston McCollough

College of Natural Sciences:  Charlie Schweik

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences:  Jennifer Lundquist, Joshua Braun

Commonwealth Honors College:  Elena Carbone

Isenberg School of Management: Senay Solak, Monideepa Tarafdar

Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences:  Michelle Trim, David Jensen 

Marieb College of Nursing:  Rae Walker

School of Public Health and Health Sciences:  Sue HankinsonDan GoldsteinJohn Sirard

UMass Amherst at Mt. Ida:  Jeff Cournoyer

UMass Libraries:  Christine Turner