PIT@UMass is an all-campus initiative with content that is both synergistic across the UMass Amherst campus and targeted to specific domains. 

What is PIT@UMASS?

The Public Interest Technology Initiative at UMass Amherst (PIT@UMass) seeks to develop educational, research, practice and outreach offerings across UMass Amherst’s diverse schools and colleges.  PIT@UMass seeks to empower students and the broader community with the critical thinking, expertise, and information needed to promote personal and professional social responsibility and the common good in a tech-driven world.  PIT@UMass is proud to be a member of the national Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN).

Leadership TEAM

For information about the PIT@UMass initiative, email pit@umass.edu

Dr. Francine Berman

Fran Berman

Director of Public Interest Technology and
PIT@UMass co-Founder

Ethan Zuckerman, Research Director and PIT@UMass co-Founder

Ethan Zuckerman

Research Director and
PIT@UMass co-Founder

Charlie Schweik

Associate Director of Public Interest Technology

Donna Baron

Executive Director of Public Interest Technology

Colette Basiliere

Research Fellow and Executive Director
Public Interest Technology - New England Network (PIT-NE)

PIT@UMass and you

You can find more information about Public Interest Technology-related courses, credentials, events and offerings in your school or college by contacting:

College of Education:  Torrey Trust, Robert Maloy, Ruth-Ellen Verock

College of Engineering:  Paula Sturdevant Rees, Chengbo Ai

College of Humanities and Fine Arts:  Sarah Patterson, Aston McCollough

College of Natural Sciences:  Charlie Schweik

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences:  Jennifer Lundquist, Joshua Braun

Commonwealth Honors College:  Elena Carbone

Isenberg School of Management: Senay Solak, Monideepa Tarafdar

Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences:  Michelle Trim, David Jensen 

Marieb College of Nursing:  Rae Walker

School of Public Health and Health Sciences:  Sue HankinsonDan GoldsteinJohn Sirard

UMass Amherst at Mt. Ida:  Jeff Cournoyer

UMass Libraries:  Christine Turner