Digital Civics

Capturing and reporting community feedback from town halls to improve inclusivity
CSCW 2020
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Civic Data Deluge
Understanding the Challenges of Analyzing Large-Scale Community Input
DIS 2019
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Rising Emotions
Visualizing the public’s emotions about flooding due to sea level rise
C&C 2021, Nominated for CODAawards 2019
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An online platform to help community members make meaningful contributions without significant time commitment
CHI 2018
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Citizen Sourcing
Supporting large-scale civic engagement
CSCW 2017
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Visualizing points of disagreement
CSCW 2017
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UD Co-Spaces (Urban Design Collaborative Spaces)
An integrated multi-display tabletop centered urban design application
CELA 2017, ISS 2016
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Design for San Diego (D4SD)
An online platform to engage the public in solving San Diego’s mobility challenges
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Visualization and Interaction Design

Bloom’s Taxonomy for Evaluation
Evaluating visualizations by measuring what kind of knowledge has been obtained
BELIV 2020
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Revisiting W.E.B. Du Bois’ Abolitionist Visualizations
Recreating abolitionist visualizations with modern data
VIS Poster 2020
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Color of Emotions
Investigating emotion-color association for visualizing emotions in online civic discussions
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Tool to help creative directors come up with new ideas for advertisements
ICCC 2010
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Visual Analytics for Collaborative Sensemaking

CLIP (Collaborative Intelligent Pad)
A prototype tool for collaborative sensemaking
VAST 2014
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CoSpaces (Collaborative Workspaces)
Prototype for collaborative data analysis on a large interactive tabletop display
HICSS 2013
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Collaborative Visual Data Analysis Around Large Interactive Surfaces
Co-located teams worked on collaborative visual analytics tasks using large interactive wall and tabletop displays
InfoVis 2011, VAST 2010
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