Applied work in Digital Civics & Health

Creating and Evaluating A Multi-Agent Chatbot Platform for Public Input Elicitation
CSCW 2023
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Mapping Instability
The Effects of the Pandemic on the Civic Life of a Small Town
AMPS Health and Design Network 2022
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Framework for Open Civic Design
Integrating public participation, crowdsourcing, and design thinking
ACM Digital Gov 2021
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Combining text analysis and visualization to scaffold different facets of community input
DIS 2021
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Capturing and reporting community feedback from town halls to improve inclusivity
CSCW 2020
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An online platform to help community members make meaningful contributions without significant time commitment
CHI 2018
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Rising Emotions
Visualizing the public’s emotions about flooding due to sea level rise
C&C 2021, Nominated for CODAawards 2020
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UD Co-Spaces (Urban Design Collaborative Spaces)
An integrated multi-display tabletop centered urban design application
CELA 2017, ISS 2016
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Civic Data Deluge
Understanding the Challenges of Analyzing Large-Scale Community Input
DIS 2019
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Design for San Diego (D4SD)
An online platform to engage the public in solving San Diego’s mobility challenges
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Visualizing points of disagreement
CSCW 2017
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Citizen Sourcing
Supporting large-scale civic engagement
CSCW 2017
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Rehabilitation Games in Real-World Clinical Settings
Understanding practices, challenges, and opportunities
TOCHI 2020
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COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Academic Community
Understanding the impact of the pandemic on the UMass Amherst community
ACM Digital Gov 2021
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Communicative Visualizations & Visual Data Analysis

Communal Extended Reality (CXR)
Building Community Resiliency through Immersive CXR
MDPI Multimodal Technologies and Interaction 2023
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Practices of Data Scientists
Exploring how Data Scientists Review Scholarly Literature
CHIIR 2023
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From Invisible to Visible
Impacts of Metadata in Communicative Data Visualization
TVCG 2022
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Scientometric Analysis
Characteristics and trends of gender and collaboration among authors of IEEE VIS publications from 1990-2020
TVCG 2022
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Making the Invisible Visible
Risks and benefits of disclosing metadata in visualization
Vis4Good 2021
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A set of 8 infographics in two rows. Each row of charts appear identical in layout, text, and color, except the top row uses small symbols in place of the more traditional blocky shapes of the lower charts.

Designing with Pictographs
How do infographics with pictograph arrays influence understanding?
TVCG 2021
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Bloom’s Taxonomy for Evaluating Data Visualizations
Evaluating visualizations by measuring what kind of knowledge has been obtained
BELIV 2020
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Revisiting W.E.B. Du Bois’ Abolitionist Visualizations
Recreating abolitionist visualizations with modern data
VIS Poster 2020
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Color of Emotions
Investigating emotion-color association for visualizing emotions in online civic discussions
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Visualizing Dimension Coverage
Supporting exploratory analysis by visualizing what dimensions have already been explored
VAST 2016
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CLIP (Collaborative Intelligent Pad)
A prototype tool for collaborative sensemaking
VAST 2014
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CoSpaces (Collaborative Workspaces)
Prototype for collaborative data analysis on a large interactive tabletop display
HICSS 2013
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Collaborative Visual Data Analysis Around Large Interactive Surfaces
Co-located teams worked on collaborative visual analytics tasks using large interactive wall and tabletop displays
InfoVis 2011, VAST 2010
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Tool to help creative directors come up with new ideas for advertisements
ICCC 2010
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