Talks & Panels

Invited Talks, Panels & Workshops

Harnessing Data for Social Impact: Empowering Communities through Visualization & Social Computing
UC Berkeley BID HCI Speaker Series, Jan 16, 2024
Stanford Human-Computer Interaction Seminar, Jan 12, 2024
University of British Columbia, Dec 7, 2023
CMU HCI Seminar Series, Nov 17, 2023
Boston College, Data Visualization Course (Nam Wook Kim), Nov 6, 2023
University of Victoria, Data Visualization Course (Charles Perin), Oct 12, 2023
MIT CSAIL HCI Seminar Series, Oct 3, 2023

Rising Tides: Integrating Situated Visualization, Augmented Reality, and Public-Participation Technology to Create an Accessible Platform for Localized Climate Change Visualization and Discourse
Radcliffe Institute at Harvard, Fellow presentation, December 13, 2023

Data Visualization for Effective Science Communication with Diverse Audience
Co-led with Ali Sarvghad
Organized by University of Massachusetts Center for Clinical and Translational Science (UMCCTS) with the UMass Amherst Public Engagement Project. May 8, 2023

Human-Centered Computing for Addressing Complex Sociotechnical Problems
Concordia University, Department of Computer Science, March 27, 2023
University of Maryland College Park, iSchool, February 21, 2023
Virginia Tech, Department of Computer Science, January 31, 2023

Designing and Building Tools for Fostering Equity and Inclusion in Civic Decision-Making
Joint talk with Ali Sarvghad
University College London, Interaction Centre (UCLIC), December 14, 2022 Video
City, University of London, School of Science and Technology, December 8, 2022
SIGCHI Paris Talk, December 5, 2022
UNC Chapel Hill, November 14, 2022 Event

Social Computing and Visualization Tools for Empowering the Public
Tableau Research, August 04, 2022

Panel on “Connecting Science and Art for Effective Community Engagement”
Engineers and Scientists Acting Locally (ESAL), Invited panelist, May 19, 2022

Social Computing and Visualization Tools for Empowering the Public
Technology & Social Behavior (TSB) Speaker Series, Northwestern University, April 21, 2022
Computer Science Colloquium Series, Tufts University, April 7, 2022

Building Equitable Social Computing and Visualization Tools for Democratizing Public Participation
Information + Visualization Public Talk Series, UCLAB Potsdam, Nov 23, 2021 Video

Towards Reducing Social Inequality in Local-level Public Participation by Giving Voice to Marginalized Populations
Institute of Diversity Sciences, UMass Amherst, Nov 23, 2021

Building Equitable Social Computing and Visualization Tools for Democratizing Public Participation
ATLAS Colloquium Series, University of Colorado Boulder, 2021 Video

Looking to the Past to Visualize the Present: Revisiting W.E.B. Du Bois’ Abolitionist Visualizations
CICS Community Discussion on Antiracism, UMass Amherst, 2020

Social Computing and Visualization for Democratizing Public Participation
Ontario Tech University, Department of Computer Science, October 25, 2019
University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science, October 26, 2019

Community-Centered Urban Design at Scale
Erv Zube Lecture Series 2019, Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, UMass Amherst, September 3, 2019 Video

Computing for Collective innovation in Urban Design
Data Science Research Symposium, UMass Amherst, April 24, 2019

Social Computing and Visualization to Increase Participation and Collective Innovation
Outstanding Achievement & Advocacy Awards Banquet, UMass Amherst, April 5, 2019

Social Computing to Enhance Public Engagement in Urban Design at Scale
University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Computer Science, February 1, 2018
San Jose State University, Department of Computer Science, February 6, 2018
Virginia Tech, Department of Computer Science, February 12, 2018 Slides
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Department of Informatics, February 20, 2018
University of Massachusetts Amherst, College of Information and Computer Science, March 2018
WPI, Computer Science Colloquium, January 11, 2019
CS Women Lunch Series, UMass Amherst, February 20, 2019

Collective Innovation for Business and Civics
Game Changers Series: Collaboratory for Downtown Innovation, January 25, 2017 Slides

Large Interactive Surfaces for Collaboratively Exploring & Driving Meaning from Complex Data
School of Arts and Interactive Technology, Simon Fraser University, March 16, 2016 Slides

Designing Collaborative Visual Analytics Tools: From Supporting Experts to Engaging the Public
Autodesk Research, May 17, 2016 Slides
York University, May 16, 2016   Slides
Microsoft Research, Redmond, February 18, 2016  Slides | Video
University Washington Bothell, February 9, 2016 Slides

From Desktops to Tabletops: Opportunities & Challenges
University Washington Bothell, February 8, 2016 Slides

Technology for Design: A Road Map
Boston University, January 27, 2016 Slides

Supporting Team Communication and Coordination in Visual Analytics
University of British Columbia, April 2, 2014 Slides

Conference & Workshop Presentations

CommunityClick-Virtual: Multi-Modal Interactions for Enhancing Participation in Virtual Meetings
IEEE VIS, Melbourne, Australia, October 2023

Unveiling Insights: Surfacing Fine-Grained Discourse Acts in Short Free-Form Public Input Text through Visual Analytics
IEEE VIS, Melbourne, Australia, October 2023

Bridging the Divide: Promoting Serendipitous Discovery of Opposing Viewpoints with Visual Analytics in Social Media
IEEE VIS, Melbourne, Australia, October 2023

The Civic Data Deluge: Understanding the Challenges of Analyzing Large-Scale Community Input
ACM Designing Interactive Systems (DIS), San Diego, June 2019

CommunityCrit: Inviting the Public to Improve and Evaluate Urban Design Ideas through Micro-Activities
ACM Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2018), Montreal, CA Video

Social Computing to Improve Public Engagement in Urban Planning
Innovations in Participatory Democracy Conference 2018, Phoenix, AZ, March 8-10th, 2018

UD Co-Spaces: A Table-Centred Multi-Display Environment for Public Engagement in Urban Design Charrettes
Interactive Surfaces and Spaces, ISS 16, Niagara Falls, CA Slides

Towards a Taxonomy for Evaluating User Engagement in Information Visualization
IEEE VIS 2015, Workshop on Personal Visualization: Exploring Everyday Life, Chicago Slides

Collaboration Technology for Stakeholder Engagement in Urban Planning
CSCW 2015, Information Technology and City Life Workshop,  Vancouver, BC Slides

Supporting Communication and Coordination in Collaborative Sensemaking
IEEE VAST 2014, Paris, France Slides | Video

CLIP: A Visual Thinking Space to Support Collaborative Sensensemaking and Reasoning
GRAND 2014, Ottawa, CA Slides

Observations of Record-Keeping in Co-located Collaborative Analysis
HICS 2013, Hawaii, Maui Slides

Roles of Notes in Co-located Collaborative Visualization
IEEE VisWeek 2009, Workshop on Collaborative Visualization on Interactive Surfaces (CoVis 2009),  Atlantic City Slides