Our lab had 5 papers accepted this summer, including to CSCW and BELIV.

Our lab had 5 full papers accepted this summer, including to CSCW and BELIV.

Below are the 5 papers which were accepted. Congratulations to all of the authors for their successful submissions!

  • Rehabilitation Games in Real-World Clinical Settings: Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities by Hee-Tae Jung, Taiwoo Park, Narges Mahyar, Sungji Park, Taekyeong Rye, Yangsoo Kim, Sunghoon Ivan Lee (ACM TOCHI, will be presented at ACM CHI 2021)
  • Designing Technology for Sociotechnical Problems: Challenges & Considerations by Narges Mahyar, Mahmood Jasim, and Ali Sarvghad (CG&A)
  • Looking to the Past to Visualize the Present: Revisiting W.E.B. Du Bois’ Abolitionist Visualizations by Andrew Cunningham, Alyxander Burns, and Narges Mahyar (IEEE VIS Poster)
  • CommunityClick:  Capturing  and  Reporting  Community  Feedback  from  Town Halls to Improve Inclusivity by Mahmood  Jasim,  Pooya  Khaloo,  Somin  Wadhwa, Amy  X.  Zhang,  Ali Sarvghad,  and  Narges  Mahyar (CSCW)
  • How to evaluate data visualizations across different levels of understanding by Alyxander Burns, Cindy Xiong, Steven Franconeri, Alberto Cairo, Narges Mahyar (BELIV workshop, held in conjunction with IEEE VIS)