Two papers to appear in Late-Breaking Work – CHI 2020

We are proud to announce that two of our lab’s papers were selected for publication in CHI 2020 Late-Breaking Works! See below for information about each paper.

Towards Understanding Desiderata for Large-Scale Civic Input Analysis
Mahmood Jasim, Ali Sarvghad, Enamul Hoque Prince, Narges Mahyar

Advancement in digital civics and the emergence of online platforms have enabled vast amounts of community members to share their input on various civic proposals. Civic leaders, who gather, analyze, and make critical decisions based on community input, struggle to make sense of large-scale unstructured community input due to lack of time, analytical skills, and specialized technologies. In this qualitative study, we investigated civic leaders’ requirements that can accelerate the community input analysis process and help them to gain actionable insights to make better decisions. This study is our first step towards exploring the design of community input analysis technologies for civic leaders to facilitate civic decision-making.

Exploring How International Graduate Students in the US Seek Support
Tamanna Motahar, Mahmood Jashim, Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Narges Mahyar

International Graduate Students are an integral part of the United States (US) higher education ecosystem. However, they face enormous challenges while transitioning to the US due to cultural shock, language barriers, and intense academic pressure. These issues can cause poor mental health. Social technology have the potential to help individuals during socio-cultural transitions through social support. The relative ease of access and ubiquity of these technologies make them a candidate for supporting these students as well. However, little is known about the support-seeking process of International Graduate Students. In this paper, we tried to explore this complex process of support seeking and identified different dynamics.