The Massenberg STEM Institute is a fun and engaging 3-week program for rising 10th graders, offering a supportive environment in which students can explore STEM and make connections between their high school curriculum and degrees and careers they may choose to pursue. 

The hands-on, interactive program includes:

  • intensive classroom and lab experiences
  • mentoring and coaching opportunities
  • exposure to professionals working in STEM related fields

The 2021 Institute will (virtually) welcome students from multiple underserved communities across New Jersey and Massachusetts to the flagship Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts July 12 – July 20, 2021

Sample Weekly Schedule:

This is a sample schedule designed to show the types of activities typically offered. Details are subject to change. 

Week 1:

  • Student and family welcome, introductions, program overview
  • Pre-testing attitude assessment, individual assessments and plans
  • Workshops and lab tours introducing various STEM disciplines 
  • Introduction to projects; team meetings to work on projects
  • Sessions on writing reports and on presentation skills
  • Discussion session on hopes and fears
  • Guest speaker – career journey/inspiring story
  • Student panel with students studying engineering
  • Field trip to Boston

Week 2:

  • Team meetings to work on projects and prepare presentations
  • Math skill strengthening exercises
  • Workshops and labs introducing various STEM disciplines (2-3 in the course of the week)
  • Sessions on writing reports and on presentation skills
  • Guest speaker – career journey/inspiring story
  • Student panel on life at college
  • Post-testing of math, writing skills; individual assessments and plans for next school year
  • Final presentations (parents may attend if present)
  • Parent program: planning for college and next steps/goals

Curriculum Advisory Committee

Erika Dawson Head
Information & Computer Sciences

Elizabeth Connor
Natural Sciences

Stephen Fernandez

Promise McHenga

Neena Thota
Information & Computer Sciences

Linda Ziegenbein
Natural Sciences