All inquiries should be sent to mfiterau at cs dot umass dot edu. Please use the email subjects below whenever applicable.


UMass Students / Researchers

August 15 – September 15 2020: We are accepting graduate students and undergraduates at UMass Amherst for independent studies on all projects.

See our projects page for specifics and, if interested, send an email with the subject [Interested in InfoFusion Research], attaching your CV, latest transcripts and 1-2 paragraphs with your interests. If you already know which project you’d like to join, you are encouraged to cc the PhD student in charge of the project.


Prospective external collaborators

We are always delighted to discuss potential collaborations with other research groups. Please send an email with the subject [InfoFusion External Collaboration] describing your interests. 


Prospective students

If you are a prospective graduate student, please follow the application instructions to CICS. If you are applying for a PhD and find our projects interesting, please list Madalina Fiterau as one of the faculty you would consider working with. All applications of prospective PhD students are reviewed through this mechanism to ensure fairness as we do not have the capacity to respond to all individual inquiries.