EMBER uses a 1-credit course format to structure the overall experience. The course will meet once a week for one hour, and each hour will have one workshop topic designed to contribute to the overall goal of making research in computing more accessible to students, particularly for those from historically underrepresented groups in computer science. 

Weekly Course Meetings


Meeting topics will include a combination of practical, social, and research-related topics.

Examples of those topics include:


Applications in Computing

 Cultivating Curiosity


Developing Collaboration Strategies

 Building Confidence and Combatting Imposter Phenomenon


Forming Hypotheses

Summarizing Findings

 Visualizing data

Interested in Graduate School?

Students will also learn about applying for graduate school, including writing suggestions, understanding the nature of the graduate school application process, and other specific advice.



These topics will dovetail with the more intensive four-to-five-week mini-research module offered by the various participating computing research labs. 

Research Module


These mini research modules are made possible through the volunteer participation of PhD student mentors. Undergraduate students will work in pairs on a small but real piece of an ongoing computer science research project. At the end of the class, students will gain experience in presenting and writing their research findings, and this is excellent practice for the application requirements needed when pursuing future research opportunities.