[E]nergizing, [M]entoring, and [B]roadening [E]xposure to [R]esearch


An overarching goal for this experience is to make research opportunities available and accessible to students from populations underrepresented in computing.

EMBER is a research experience with a 1-credit class component. 

That course includes a mini-research module designed to expose students to research in computing. Faculty at UMass CICS will provide content and leadership during the mentored research experience with a UMass lab (e.g., a 4-5 week paired apprenticeship with a Ph.D. student on a topic planned and vetted by a faculty member).

This program will provide students with:

  • increased knowledge and confidence in research environments;
  • the knowledge and practice necessary to apply to Ph.D. research positions;
  • increased awareness of pathways to long-term careers in computing-based research;
  • exposure to research areas and different applications of computing;
  • a basic understanding of research methods in computer science, including practice in how to approach and frame a research question, how to move from a research question to designing a project, and how to interpret results, including failure as a necessary part of the research process;
  • strategies for combatting imposter phenomenon and stereotype threat.

EMBER is a college-wide effort with participation from

Erika Dawson-Head

Director of Diversity and Inclusive Community Development

Brian Krusell

Director of Career Services

Michelle Trim

Senior Lecturer II and primary lead for EMBER

Dan Sheldon

Associate Professor and EMBER Research Project Leader

Justin Obara

Director of the CICS Writing Center