I am Donghyun Kim, an Assistant professor at UMass Amherst CICS and the leader of DARoS Lab. My primary research area is in the dynamic locomotion of legged systems with a focus on the development of control architectures and their experimental validation. My research purpose is to make robots be practical tools for human life by enhancing the robotic systems faster, smarter, and robust. (e-mail: [Curriculum Vitae]

Lab Location: LGRC, A308

Office Location: LGRC, A325 

Graduate Students


Daniel Marew

My research interest lies primarily at the nexus of machine learning, optimal control and legged robotics. Particularly in learning-based legged robot locomotion controller design.


Hochul Hwang

My research aims to build robots that could benefit people in need. I develop control and learning algorithms to imitate robust and agile human locomotion behavior in dynamic systems by exploring fields of control, trajectory optimization, and reinforcement learning.


Shifan Zhu

My research areas are lifelong state estimation and control of legged robots in static and dynamic environments.

Undergraduate Students

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Michael Lvovsky

I am a Computer Science undergraduate research assistant at the DARoS lab. My goals are to design next generation robots with improved speed and durability, and to learn as much as I can from the highly skilled DARoS team.


Rohan Bapat

I am an honors undergraduate computer student here at UMass Amherst, and I'm currently working on applying deep reinforcement learning algorithms to legged robot locomotion


Millan Taranto

I am an honors undergraduate mechanical engineer.  As a FIRST alumnus of eight years, my primary expertise is in robotics engineering, though I also have a passion for automotive engineering. At the DARoS laboratory, I work on hardware design and an exoskeleton project. 


Neil Guan

I am an electrical engineering student at UMass Amherst applying reinforcement learning to train a policy for quadruped locomotion.

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Shotaro Sono Sessions

I am an undergraduate student pursuing a dual degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at UMass Amherst. I aim to study AI post-graduation and my overarching goals include designing/optimizing control algorithms and research in machine learning.