Lab News:

  1. Nature features an article on Lifelong Learning machines including prof. Siegelmann as the founder.
  2. Hava Siegelmann is the first woman to ever be invited to the College of Fellows of the International Neural Networks Society. The touching ceremony took place July 21st 2022 in Padua Italy.
  3. Dr. Siegelmann is a member of the IEEE Task Force on Ethical and Social Implications of Computational Intelligence
  4. Dr. Siegelmann will serve on the program committee of the IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI) ETHAI (Ethical AI) December 5-8 2021
  5. We just won the DARPA Time-Aware Machine Intelligence grant.
  6. BINDS lab is a leader in Lifelong Learning – the next stage of AI
  7. U.S. Patent 10,732,784, B2 entitled “System and Methods for Cuing Visual Attention,” issued November 4, 2020
  8. PNAS: A modeling framework for adaptive lifelong learning with transfer and savings through gating in the prefrontal cortexNov. 5 2020.
  9. Nature Communications: Brain-inspired replay for continual learning with artificial neural networks. News story in Science Daily. Aug. 8 2020
  10. Hava Siegelmann received the DARPA’s Meritorious Public Service Medal.
  11. Interview in Federal News Network. 
  12. Washington Post article mentions Hava’s program Lifelong Learning as “mind-blowing”. Nov 15 2020

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