I am a data visualization researcher primarily interested in exploring the intersection where the human component meets analytics, design, and technology. I also study the broader societal and ethical implications of visualization techniques. Visual analytics forms the foundation upon which my research thrives. I design, develop, and evaluate novel mechanisms and tools that make visual analytics more effective, inclusive, and trustworthy using emerging technologies, including analysis provenance tracking, differential privacy, and generative AI. I also conduct empirical studies to examine variations in graphical perception and their implication for visualization design and utility. Furthermore, as a visualization researcher committed to advancing the field, I critically investigate and evaluate our research practices and current trends. This introspection is essential for enriching the field and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in visualization research. The cumulative outcomes of my work contribute to advancing data visualization on the theoretical front as well as the practical tools and interventions with real-world implications and utility.  My research papers have received awards and recognition from the premier venues in Visualization, Social computing, and HCI, including the Best Paper Award at EuroVis 2022, the Best Paper Award at CSCW 2020, the Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2022, and the Honorable Mention Award at DIS 2021.

I earned my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, Canada, under the supervision of Dr. Melanie Tory in 2016. I hold a Master of Software Engineering from the University of Malaya, Malaysia, and an Honors bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Science Malaysia. I was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California San Diego from 2016-2018, working with Prof. Nadir Weibel at UCSD Design Lab.