I am a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts (UMass), Amherst. My general research interests include Visual Analytics, Information Visualization, Interaction Design, Healthcare Informatics, Human-Computer Interaction, and User Experience.

My current research focuses on the areas of embedded interactions, mixed-initiative visual analytics, and uncertainty visualization.

Prior to joining UMass, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California San Diego where I worked on designing and implementing exploratory data analysis solutions for understanding HIV transmission patterns and characteristics. The main goal of this project was to enable public health provider to more effectively plan HIV prevention.

During my Ph.D., I worked under the supervision of Dr. Melanie Tory, at the University of Victoria, Canada. My research was focused on facilitating collaborative visual analytics by utilizing analysis history as well as large interactive surfaces. I also designed and developed analytics software for wall and tabletop displays.