Welcome to the UMass Amherst College of Information and Computer Sciences Undergraduate Course Assistant (UCA) Program!

This site serves as a resource for current and potential UCAs.


The Undergraduate Course Assistant Program in the College of Information and Computer Science was created to help foster student learning in CICS courses. A CICS Undergraduate Course Assistant is an undergraduate student that works with faculty and graduate teaching assistants to help each course run smoothly through various tasks. Serving as a UCA is an incredibly rewarding experience, both academically and professionally. UCAs will develop communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills in addition to strengthening their understanding of course content and student learning.

NOTE: CICS 298A: Communicating Across Expertise is being offered in Spring 2023. For those who are interested in mentoring, CS education, or applying for a UCA position in the future, this course is a great introduction and opportunity to gain expertise! For more information, please go to this page.