Benjamin Marlin
Lab Director

Ben is an associate professor in the College of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and director of the REML lab

Erik Risinger
Research Fellow

Erik is a research fellow working across multiple labs including REML, the Sensors lab, and the Institute for Applied Life Sciences. He designs, implements, deploys, and runs evaluation studies of machine learning and sensor systems.

Meet Vadera
PhD Student

Meet is a PhD student. His current research focuses on computationally efficient Bayesian deep learning methods. He is a B.Tech graduate from IIT Gandhinagar.

Colin Samplawski
MS/PhD Student

Colin is an MS/PhD student. His current research focuses on the development of structured prediction methods for hierarchical classification and zero-shot learning. He earned his BS at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Conrad Holtsclaw
PhD Student

Conrad is a PHD student working on active learning methods including streaming active learning for applications in mobile and real-time systems. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan.

Satya Narayan Shukla
PhD Student

Satya is an PhD student working on deep learning methods for multi-modal clinical data including irregularly sampled time series. He is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur.

Steven Cheng-Xian Li
PhD Student (Alumni)

Steve completed his PhD in spring 2020. His doctoral research focused on methods for modeling incomplete and irregularly sampled data using deep probabilistic models. He joined Google in summer 2020.

Roy Adams
PhD Student (Alumni)

Roy completed his PhD in summer 2018 on the topic of structured prediction for event detection and activity segmentation with applications to mobile health. He joined Johns Hopkins as a Post Doc in fall 2018.

Annamalai Natarajan
PhD Student (Alumni)

Malai completed his PhD in Fall 2018. He was jointly advised by Profs. Deepak Ganesan and Ben Marlin. His research focused on the application of structured prediction, domain adaptation, and and active learning to problems in mobile health. He joined Philips Research North America in Cambridge, MA. as a Research Scientist in Fall 2018.

Hamid Dadkhahi
MS Student/PostDoc (Alumni)

Hamid is an ECE PhD graduate from the UMass High Dimensional Signal Processing Group. He simultaneously completed  a Computer Science MS working with Prof. Marlin. His MS research focused on cascaded classification for networks of devices. Hamid re-joined Prof. Marlin's group as a Post Doc from Fall 2017 to Summer 2018.

Siddarth Sampangi
MS Student (Alumni)

Sid completed his MS project on recurrent neural networks with attention for arrhythmia detection under Prof. Marlin. He graduated in spring 2016. He is currently a computer vision engineer at Hivemapper.

Oliver Pang
Undergraduate Research Student (Alumni)

Oliver was a computer science honors undergraduate research student. His honors research project focused on the implementation of the firm cascade model in TensorFlow for deployment on Android. He will graduate in Spring 2019.

Andrew Sharp
Undergraduate Research Student (Alumni)

Andrew was a computer science honors undergraduate research student. His undergraduate thesis focused on the development of methods for aligning video and wireless sensor data. He will graduate in Spring 2019.

Alex Karle
Undergraduate Research Student (Alumni)

Alex was a computer science honors undergraduate research student. His undergraduate thesis focused on the development of a cross-modal active learning system for video and wireless sensor data. He graduated in Spring 2018 and now works at MathWorks.

Andrew Malta
NSF REU Student (Alumni)

Andrew was an NSF-funded REU student in Summer 2017. He worked on automated feature extraction from time series data using deep learning with applications to mobile health. He graduated from Yale in Spring 2018 and currently works at Apple as a software engineer on the Siri team.

Thai Nguyen
Undergraduate Research Student (Alumni)

Thai was a computer science honors undergraduate research student. His undergraduate thesis focused on CRF CFG models for parsing noisy wireless ECG data. He graduated in Spring 2016 and works at Airbnb as a software engineer.

Laura Hiatt
NSF REU Student (Alumni)

Laura was an NSF REU student in summer 2016. She worked on evaluating methods for segmenting and featurizing time series with applications to smoking puff detection from wireless sensor data. She graduated from Davidson College in Spring 2018 and works at Independence Consulting.

Esther Ríos López
NSF REU Student (Alumni)

Esther was a student in the NSF-funded REUMass data science program under Prof. Marlin in summer 2015. Her research focused on investigating the effect of signal noise on structured prediction methods for ECG data analysis. She was a student at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez and now works as an algorithm design engineer at General Motors.

Gregory Koch
NSF REU Student (Alumni)

Gregory was an NSF Research Experience for Undergraduate student working with Prof. Marlin in summer 2012 working on methods for irregularly sampled time series analysis. He joined the University of Toronto CS graduate program after completing his undergraduate degree at Austin College.