About Us

The theory group consists of nine faculty members (plus four adjuncts) who use mathematical techniques to study problems throughout computer science. We work on network algorithms, coding theory, combinatorial optimization, computational geometry, data streams, dynamic algorithms and complexity, model checking and static analysis, database theory, descriptive complexity, parallel algorithms and architectures, and computational complexity theory. Members of the theory group wear other hats as well and collaborate throughout the department and the world beyond. For more details of the myriad work going on, please visit our web-pages.


David A. Mix Barrington (computational complexity, particularly boolean circuits, automata, logic)
Mohammad Hajiesmaili (online algorithms, online learning, sustainable computing)
Neil Immerman (descriptive complexity, logic, static analysis, database theory)
Hung Le (graph algorithms, combinatorial optimization, computational geometry, metric embedding)
Andrew McGregor (algorithms, data streams, sketching, communication complexity)
Cameron Musco (algorithms, numerical linear algebra, optimization, and machine learning)
Adam O’Neill (theoretical and applied cryptography, provable security)
Ramesh Sitaraman (parallel and distributed systems, communication networks)
Yair Zick (game theory, fair division and algorithmic transparency)

Visiting and Adjunct Faculty

Arya Mazumdar (UCSD, coding theory, information theory, machine learning)
Barna Saha (UCSD, algorithms, probabilistic method, combinatorial optimization, data management)
Ileana Streinu (Smith College, computational geometry)
Mark C. Wilson (Mathematics and Statistics Dept., combinatorics, analysis of algorithms, computational social science)

Graduate Students and Postdocs

Alexandra Camero Bejarano
Rajarshi Bhattacharjee
Sudhanshu Chanpuriya
Cyrus Cousins
Kyle Doney
An La
Adam Lechowicz
Weronika Nguyen
Justin Payan
Archan Ray
Rik Sengupta
Nikki Sigurdson
Cuong Than
Vignesh Viswanathan

Theory Group Alumni

Raghav Addanki (Researcher, Adobe)
Md. Ashraful Alam
John Bowers (Assistant Professor, James Madison University)
Michael Crouch (Bell Labs, Ireland)
Suprakash Datta (Assistant Professor, York University, Canada)
Kousha Etessami (Professor, University of Edinburgh)
Larkin Flodin (Amazon)
Cibele Freire (Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College)
Sainyam Galhotra (CI Fellow, University of Chicago)
Venkata Gandikota (Assistant Professor, Syracuse University)
Li-Xin Gao (Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UMass Amherst)
Brent Heeringa (Associate Professor, Williams College)
William Hesse (Google)
Kamal Kasera (Goldman Sachs)
Audrey Lee-St. John (Professor, Computer Science Department, Mt. Holyoke College)
Chi-Jen Lu (Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Information Science, Taiwan)
Raj Kumar Maity (Microsoft)
Vimal Matthew
Mark McCartin-Lim (Assistant Professor, Wabash College)
J. Antonio Medina (Morgan Stanley)
Sushant Patnaik (Wachovia Securities)
Vittorio Scarano (Associate Professor, Universita di Salerno, Italy)
Michael Sindelar (Google)
Shashi Shekhar Singh (Bloomberg)
Siddharth Srivastava (Assistant Professor, Arizona State University)
Daniel Stubbs (MIT)
David Tench (CI Fellow, Rutgers University)
Louis Theran (Lecturer, University of St. Andrews)
Harish Venkataramani (Google)
Sofya Vorotnikova
Hoa Vu (Assistant Professor, San Diego State University)
Philipp Weis (Google)