About the Lab

The MLDS lab focused on the development of machine learning models and algorithms for addressing a variety of challenging problems in the areas of computational social science, computational ecology, computational behavioral science and computational medicine.

The MLDS lab’s research continues in multiple labs within the the College of Information and Computer Sciences including the REML lab, the SLANG lab, and Prof. Sheldon’s research group.


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Jacek, Nicholas; Chiu, Meng-Chieh; Marlin, Benjamin; Moss, Eliot J B

Assessing the Limits of Program-Specific Garbage Collection Performance Conference

Programming Language Design and Implementation, 2016, (<p>Distinguished Paper Award</p>).

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Sadasivam, Rajani Shankar; Cutrona, Sarah L; Kinney, Rebecca L; Marlin, Benjamin M; Mazor, Kathleen M; Lemon, Stephenie C; Houston, Thomas K

Collective-Intelligence Recommender Systems: Advancing Computer Tailoring for Health Behavior Change Into the 21st Century Journal Article

In: Journal of Medical Internet Research, 18 , 2016, (<p>n/a</p>).

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Natarajan, Annamalai; Xu, Kevin S; Eriksson, Brian

Detecting Divisions of the Autonomic Nervous System Using Wearables Proceeding

Florida, USA, 2016.


Natarajan, Annamalai; Angarita, Gustavo; Gaiser, Edward; Malison, Robert; Ganesan, Deepak; Marlin, Benjmain M

Domain Adaptation Methods for Improving Lab-to-field Generalization of Cocaine Detection using Wearable ECG Proceeding

Heidelberg, Germany, 2016.


Adams, Roy; Saleheen, Nazir; Thomaz, Edison; Parate, Abhinav; Kumar, Santosh; Marlin, Benjamin

Hierarchical Span-Based Conditional Random Fields for Labeling and Segmenting Events in Wearable Sensor Data Streams Conference

International Conference on Machine Learning, 2016, (<p>n/a</p>).

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