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Observations of Record-Keeping in Co-located Collaborative Analysis – Ali Sarvghad, PhD

Observations of Record-Keeping in Co-located Collaborative Analysis

Narges Mahyar, Ali Sarvghad, Melanie Tory, Tyler Weeres

Record-keeping is known to facilitate visual data analysis in single user and asynchronous collaborative settings. We Implemented CoSpaces, a tool for collaborative visual data analysis with a recordkeeping mechanism that enables tracking of analysis history. Then we conducted an observational study with ten pairs analyzing a sales dataset, to study how collaborators use visual record keeping during colocated work on a tabletop. We report actions on visual record-keeping and inferred key user intentions for each action. Actions and intentions varied depending on the analytical phase and collaboration style. Based on our findings, we suggest providing various views of recorded material, showing manually saved rather than automatically saved items by default, enabling people to review collaborators’ work unobtrusively and automatically recommending items related to a user’s analytical task.